Martin always has a great crowd.

The best game show on Twitch right now is Who Wants $2.69 with Martin Urbano. Martin is a a hip Latino comedian/writer/satirist from New York and opened for Melissa Villaseñor. His game show is exactly what the world needs in These Uncertain Times. It is broadcast live on Twitch every Monday night.

What’s the objective? The subject gets a question, the players see a random celebrity in the studio, and they need to identify the celebrity. However, there is a catch. All the celebrities are fake and are never seen live. They are just playing for laughs. It is ridiculous and hilarious.

Who Wants $2.69 is streamed every Monday at 9:00 PM PST on Twitch, it has a loyal following of passionate fans. The next question that may come is, is Martin the real MVP or is he just getting lucky with some good random celebrities? As the only studio game show on Twitch, Is this the best game show?

Martin always has a great crowd. The audience goes wild every time one of the celebrities goes into character. When there are high numbers of yes and no answers to pick from, the crowd becomes anxious and want the host to pick the celebrity that is in the crowd. This is when the fun starts, they start heckling the host. There is a lot of fun in a crowded room. Martin is entertaining on his own, so when a celebrity comes out it becomes even better. There’s always the threat of a celebrity sneak attack on the game show. Martin is a comedian with a comedic delivery so when he gets an audience with an actress who can’t believe her ears, it’s amazing.

Now is the time to look at Martin. He got very close to playing the “SNL” house band. Even though Martin is only 26 years old, he has been on a lot of comedy tours. That’s what a lot of comedians dream of, getting on a tour and making people laugh all across the country. That is a good thing Martin is still making people laugh right now. In 2015 Martin was part of “The High: World Premiere of Queens of Comedy” tour. Also that same year he was part of “20 Minute Set Tour.” Martin’s skills have improved to a very good point. He has a great comedic timing and brings a lot of energy to his live show.

Martin’s personal website describes him as, “Martin Urbano is a comedian, writer, and video-blogger. Since 2006, Martin has performed at over 400 cities, wowing audiences with his onstage show “What The Fuck Is The Deal?” Martin is also known for his daily blogs on Martin is also a former writer for “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” and was one of “Saturday Night Live’s” youngest writers.”

You can visit Martin’s website for more details:

You can follow Martin on Twitter at @iammrbabyfist, @iammartinurbano



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